Address: 400 North U.S. One, Tequesta, Florida 33469


Took a visit to Tequesta Terrance and it truly resembled a 5 star hotel. From the movie theatre to the private rooms! Being a nurse myself and working in nursing homes, nothing so far has compared! The facility was spotless. All the residents were happy and seemed to have a strong bond with all the nursing staff. If I were ever in need of an assisted living facility for any of my family members, Tequesta Terrance would be my top pick!

Brianna Oppici

I would like to say a few words about how my father is doing at Tequesta Terrace and my family’s impression of this assisted living community. I am very pleased to observe that my father seems very happy at Tequesta Terrace and seems to be thriving. My mother, sisters, brothers and I are impressed each time we visit him with what a beautiful community it is and how well he has been able to fit in. His apartment is very nice and comfortable, located directly on a garden courtyard with a pleasing view and quick access to the outdoors, which is important to him because we all want him to get out more.

The care at Tequesta Terrace is outstanding. That is one of the main reasons we selected it. We have had experience with other assisted living communities, so I can say that with confidence. They have more staff, especially nurses, than a lot of other communities, and there’s nursing available on all shifts. They have an extended care license so if my dad needs more care in the future, they can provide it instead of us having to relocate him to a nursing home. This gives our family a great degree of confidence and comfort as he ages. The Executive Director is a very qualified Registered Nurse who has been responsive to all my questions and concerns.

The staff at Tequesta Terrace are all friendly and caring. They always seem to have a smile or a joke for him and he interacts with them well. They take excellent care of him and provide him with any help he needs with things like showers, brushing teeth and hair, changing clothes, etc… They do his laundry and keep his room clean. If he needs to call for more help, he has two nurse call systems available to him plus a phone. They provide his daily medications (including arranging for prescription refills), arrange his doctor and dental visits, do his medical assessments, and coordinate with his doctors and our family about his care plans for approval. This attentive service has taken a load of work and concern off our shoulders!

Meals are healthy and satisfying and he has been eating better than he had before. The wait staff are very professional and know his likes. The chef comes out to talk him and the other residents.

As far as I can see, Tequesta Terrace takes safety very seriously. In advance of the Category 5 Hurricane Dorian, the management was in close communication with our family about the possibility of an evacuation. They had buses ready in the parking lot and hotel reservations just in case a mandatory evacuation was ordered, which it was. The residents were already packed and ready to go to a Hilton hotel in the Orlando area upon issuance of the order. My father, who could easily have been filled with anxiety over the situation, actually enjoyed the three day trip. Our family, many of whom live out of state, was put at ease knowing that he was in very good hands during such an emergency. And had they remained in the building, I take comfort in knowing that it appears very well built. It has impact resistant windows and one of the most impressive generators. State information listing installed generator capacities at senior communities shows that Tequesta is one of the only ones with the potential to generate enough power during a normal power outage to allow residents to remain in their own rooms with lights, electricity and air conditioning running, rather than potentially having to be relocated to a common area in order to stay cool. Of course, I know there are never any guarantees about outcomes during an act of god event when anything can happen, but I do feel that Tequesta Terrace is well prepared. It is also close to the police, fire and rescue squad and Jupiter Medical Center.

In summary, my family and I all agree that Tequesta Terrace is an outstanding senior community and we are glad that we chose it for our dad. He would agree! We would highly recommend it to anyone.

William Farrell

Two years ago my brothers & I realized our parents were in need of assistance with their daily activities. So we started our search and looked at approximately 12 different locations and decided Tequesta Terrace would be the right fit for them. We moved them into their apartment in February 2019. They loved it right away and were very comfortable. There was plenty of activities to keep them busy. Plus an exercise room right across the hall from them which is great. The food is also very good with a wide variety.
The entire experience – from initial tour and interview, to selecting the apartment, moving in and getting acquainted with staff, activities & other residents has been very easy. The nurses & CNAs quickly learned my parents needs and when they noticed my Dad was a little off they where on it right away, contacting us to let us know he needed medical attention. It has been a big relieve to us to know they are happy & well cared for by all at Tequesta Terrace.
Our Dad has since passed in July, 2019, but our Mother is very happy & comfortable there by herself and doing great.
We realize there are a lot of options out there but Tequesta Terrace has been the best choice for us and our parents.

The Booth Family

I would like to thank all of your for the terrific job all of you did in arranging our "mini vacation" (Hurricane Dorian evacuation) to the Hilton in Orlando the week of September 1st.

It was quite an undertaking and all went smoothly from morning to evening. There was something for everyone to do, I even played bingo!

Also, I thought the Hilton was very nice.

Zola Chieppa

Tequesta Terrace very closely resembles a resort. Very impressed! Impeccably clean and well maintained. The management is helpful, professional and easy to work with. Tequesta's staff are well trained, compassionate and friendly. There is a great variety of activities for the residents to keep them engaged. Absolutely wonderful!

Jimmy LeDoux

My family moved my mother into Tequesta Terrace and have been very happy . The facilility is extremely clean, the staff is extremely nice, knowledgeable and always willing to help . They are very prompt when responding to my questions. The food is amazing as well. I would highly recommend the facility . We feel relieved and comfortable knowing she is in such a nice place.

Patrick Michael Leary

Extremely attentive staff, helpful administration and overall clean facility. The rooms are suited to each residents needs. Overall, I enjoy working here.

Michelle H.

It's a pretty awesome experience to zoom around :-), but please, can you guys take some pics in the Bahamas, and make street views?

Ceswick P. A.

The staff and the facilities are absolutely wonderful. My dad has been there for three years and at least once each week he tells me, “I am SO happy here.”

Dawood Jr

Fourteen years ago, my mother-in-law became a resident at Tequesta Terrace and lived there for four years until her passing. The staff at Tequesta Terrace were absolutely amazing and she received the best care. Of course, it took about a month for her to adjust to a new routine, and the staff came to know her quite well. If she was even the slightest bit off her routine, the staff would recognize that and follow through, either by calling us, or when it was necessary they would reach out to her primary care physician. They encouraged her to participate in activities and to socialize, which kept her engaged and active - and safe.

Recently, my 98 year old aunt began to require more assistance with her daily activities, and also gave up driving! Yes, she was a good driver up until a few months ago when she realized her abilities were not like they used to be, and for safety sake it was time to turn in her keys. She knew she needed more help with her daily routine. We had a family conversation to "get the ball rolling", and thinking it would take a few months to convince her to move to assisted-living, she let us know that day that she was ready. She also knew where she wanted to live, even though we offered to take her to tour three of the local assisted living residences. She had often visited my mother-in-law when she was a resident, and she had other friends who had moved there, too. There was no doubt in her mind that Tequesta Terrace would be the place.

My aunt has been a resident at Tequesta Terrace for one month now. The entire experience - from the initial tour and interview, to selecting an apartment that would suit her needs, to moving in and getting acquainted with the staff, activities, and the facility - has been beyond our expectations. We recognized several staff who were there when my mother-in-law was a resident, and some of them remembered us, too! It says a lot about a place when the staff has been there a long time. The nurses and CNAs have quickly learned my aunt's routine, and if anything is slightly off, they are on it immediately!

As for my aunt, she's is a very social person, and she has met new friends already! She loves going to the afternoon entertainment, and enjoys the trivia games. She is a wonderful cook herself, and no complaints so far on the food! In fact, we have plans to cook a family dinner with her in the lovely family kitchen - and I know she'll be supervising us doing the cooking. We attended Tequesta Terrace's Holiday Open House in December, and it was a fabulous evening - dinner, entertainment, cocktails - the entire staff participated and the food was amazing! It was nice to see so many residents and their families enjoying the evening.

I have read the other comments, and I can't speak about your experiences. But, I can honestly say that our experience has been quite different. I know there are many options for assisted living in the area. Our family is confident in knowing that our aunt is very happy, well cared for, and safe at Tequesta Terrace.

Karin Klause

After my friend told me glowing things about Tequesta Terrace, and our local therapist said he felt it was “worlds above” other options, our family checked it out for my father and step-mother. And I am most impressed! It is a beautiful and welcoming community with great food and an abundance of activities. Their charity event honoring veterans showed real heart on the local TV news. All told, my family and I are very happy with the quality of care and community life at Tequesta Terrace!

Laura Simon

My aging mother was moved in to Tequesta Terrace in February. It was such a TRUE blessing to have to privilege of having her there. The staff was totally AWESOME and yes, I would HIGHLY recommend you to check it out. Very clean, great food, sweetest and extremely helpful staff. They made great accommodations for her that allowed her to truly enjoy her environment the last few months of her life. THANKS to the staff at Tequesta for making my mother so happy for he last few months of her life.

Soren Spiers